Versatile – Panic Attack Ft. D12

Working with an illustrator aka Classquatch, I animated characters, backgrounds and song lyrics to assemble this wild lyric video.

Funzo – ‘Amour Fou’

After storyboarding the overall idea with Liam (Funzo) McDermott, I set about hiring Claire Duffy to design the characters for this two and a half minute long music video. The animation was done in Flash by myself and composited using After Effects. This was my first time directing a fully animated short and I enjoyed it immensely!

Department Of Taoiseach


I animated characters in Flash and composed them in Adobe After Effects, along with sound effects and a professional voiceover to create this short animated piece for the department of Taoiseach. It was used to explain Irelands role in the Presidency of the E.U. council.

Eurostat – Keeping The Balance


While working for Independent Pictures, I turned the script into a finished animated video for Eurostat. Greenscreen footage was recorded in their head office in Luxembourg then sent to me. I animated characters in Flash, arranged most of the background elements in Illustrator and composed it all in After Effects. Sound effects and voiceover done out-of-house by Mutiny (recording studio).

Tilly And Friends

On the comping team for Tilly, working in Jam media for over a year. We used Adobe After Effects to compose shot by shot the first season (60+ episodes), exporting character animation from Flash and combining it with backgrounds from Photoshop. I also got to work on alot of character animation revisions, including a special guest in one episode (the Huff Tuffet horse). The show has won several awards, among which is the IFTA award for animation and several BAFTA nominations.

Roy – Season 02

Using Adobe After Effects & Mocha, I did motion tracking and effects on this BAFTA award winning TV show. We added a character animated in Flash to actual video footage, having him interact with actors and objects and making it look as realistic as possible. Most of the animation was done out of house, so alot of it was revised by myself and some of the character animators on staff.

Wildernuts – Season 02

Working in-house for almost a year with Kavaleer studios to compose the second season of the kids TV show “Wildernuts”. Arranging character animation from Flash, backgrounds from Photoshop and audio from the editing department to output the finished shots. Then having one-on-one feedback from the director, Aidan McAteer.